Beck 'N' Call
Mobile Concierge Service 

Take a step in the right direction!
When you are in Las Vegas and busy, let Beck 'n' Call take care of your needs. 
Designed to assist you with accomplishing everything you need, want and desire.

Our goal is to provide consistent service and delivery time-after-time, without fail.

Our motto: The Answer is YES!, What Is the Request.

The A to Z's of Beck 'N' Call 
Common Requests

Just ASK, W
e will find a way to accomplish the task

    • A - Adult Items
    • B - Beverages, Baby Items, Bachelorette Parties, Balloons, Breast Pump
    • C - Custom Tours, Convention Set-up, Computers Buys
    • D - Deliveries of Any Kind,  Dry Cleaners, Dining items, Depends
    • E - Everything You Can Imagine, Elvis Performers, Electronics
    • F - Flowers, Fed Ex Packages, Freight Transportation
    • G - Gift Baskets, Gift Wrapping, Golf Club Pick-Up
    • H - Hard to Find Items, Hospitality Suites Set-up
    • I - Ice (dry),  Ice Cream,
    • J- Juicers, Junk Food Runs
    • K - Kid Items, Kool-Aid
    • L - Luggage Transport (local, Los Angeles and Beyond)
    • M - Meeting Planning, Medical Items, Morning After Pill
    • N - Notary Services
    • O- Optical Supplies, Out-of-State Pick-up/Delivery
    • P - Purchases, Puppy Food, Printing, Prescriptions, Personalized Tours
    • Q - Quintessential Items
    • R - Racks, Rx, Rentals
    • S - Shopping, or Item Retrieval,
    • T - Ticket Pick-Up, Tux Return, Tours of Las Vegas & Los Angeles
    • U - Urinary Track Medicine, umbrellas, uniforms, under wear
    • V - Vacation Planning, Viagra
    • W - Wedding Planning, Whole Foods, Welcome Groups
    • X -  X Box, Xerox, Xmas Gifts
    • Y - Yams, Yarn, Yankee Items, Yogurt
    • Z- Ziz-Zag Papers, Zinc Vitamins, Zone Bars,   






Client List:
Aria, Bellagio, Encore, Excalibur, Flamingo, Four Seasons, GAP,  Luxor, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Mandarin, Mirage, Miss USA, Neiman Marcus, Old Navy, Palazzo, Paris, Royal Families, The Hotel, Venetian, Vdara, Wynn

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