Bob is a member of the these organizations, which support the Las Vegas hospitality community:

The Guest is faced with a lot of options while they are in Las Vegas, and in order to enjoy the most of this city, Beck N Call was designed as a service to assist with anything.  This allows the Guest more time to focus on the business at hand, without the inconvenience of unexpected burdens.

Southern Nevada Hospitality Concierge
Association National Concierge Association
Las Vegas Territory
Las Vegas Hospitality Association
Las Vegas Regional Ticket Association


The answer is Yes!  What is your request?

When you are in Las Vegas and busy,

let  Beck 'n' Call  take care of your tasks. 

Designed to assist you with accomplishing everything you may want or need during your stay.


We provide consistent service and rapid delivery, without fail.

Nevada Concierge Endorsed, Beck 'N' Call  Mobile Concierge Service was created to provide exceptional extended services to Visitors while visiting Las Vegas.

With 30 years of hospitality experience, Bob Cotillo is a veteran of the industry. 

He understands the needs of his Clients; both the Las Vegas Visitor and the Hotel Staff.

So he has implemented systems for consistent delivery, time after time, without fail, as the core of his great customer service organization. 

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